11 November 2017: The work of the EUATC

12 May 2017: From the Content Supply Chain to a glimpse of the future

May 2017: Invitation to our event on 12 May for technical translators

April 2017: T-Update EUATC Conference 2017 in Berlin

March 2017: AATC members at GALA

26 November 2016: AATC accepted into the EUATC!

8 November 2016: AATC at Excellence16 in Graz

October 2016: AATC at International Translation Day event

June 2016: AATC Members share tips with students and newbies

May 2016: Growing Together Workshop in Tirol

7 April 2016: AATC keeps the Austrian export engine running

10 März 2016: AATC welcomes new member

28 January 2016: Growing Together Workshop in Graz

January 2016: Klaus Fleischmann elected into GALA Board of Directors

25. November 2015: Building Bridges

9. Juli: AATC zu Besuch bei der Association of Hungarian Translation Companies (MFE) in Budapest

23. Juni: AATC attends the 2015 Export Day held by the Tyrol Chamber of Commerce

5. Mai: AATC attends the EUATC conference in Lisbon

6. April: AATC launch party in Vienna